Let be troubled by our Non Filtré !

The new vintage 2022 is available from the 18th of January 2023.

Exotic aromas, this wine is "the" wine of the winemaker.
Its yeasts are responsible for the disorder and deposition.
To taste, it is necessary to return the deposit to the
wine by minor rotations of the bottle.


In order to offer a festive product and to expand our range of natural wines (without added sulphites), we have developed a Pet Nat (natural sparkling wine). To our knowledge, this Pet Nat is the first to be produced in the canton of Neuchâtel. At present, our range of natural wines "A Poil" consists of an unfiltered chasselas and a blend of red grape varieties.
The Pet Nat is a blend of white grape varieties from the 2022 vintage. The wine is cloudy and develops freshness, exotic fruit aromas and a fine bubble.
This Pet Nat has been elaborated according to the ancestral method, which is the oldest way to raise sparkling wine. This method consists of cutting off the alcoholic fermentation of a wine in a tank before bottling, then resuming it in the bottle at a later stage in order to capture and produce fine bubbles naturally.
During alcoholic fermentation, the yeasts eat the sugar in the grape juice to transform it into alcohol. This process releases carbon dioxide, resulting in fine bubbles.
To make a Pet Nat, the alcoholic fermentation is stopped by cold. The wine is bottled (with the remaining sugar not consumed), then the alcoholic fermentation resumes at room temperature (the remaining sugar is therefore consumed) and the carbon dioxide that emanates is locked in the bottle. A sparkling wine!

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